When it Comes to Content, Think Curated-Not Cluttered

Marketers of high-end brands should always prioritize quality over quantity.

We live in a world of constant content, to the tune of 500 million tweets, 4.3 billion Facebook posts and 500 million hours of YouTube uploads each day. Often, we are force-fed the same content by a single corporation across multiple channels. »  Read More

Leveraging the Luxury Experience Economy

This post was written by the Upward Home team.

The Experience Economy

For luxury brands, business as usual is just not enough in today’s economy. Consumers expect premium quality, but now they want more. Some economists say that we are moving from selling goods and services to selling consumer experiences. »  Read More

Important Group of Consumers Returns in 24 Months

How Millennials will impact high-end home brands.


What if I told you that a group that makes up 20% of the affluent consumer base in the US is yet to fully participate in the economic recovery – but that when they return, their behavior will look nothing like the behavior of everyone else? »  Read More

Owning vs. Experiencing a High-End Home Brand

Why you should consider an experiential luxury strategy for your brand.


Several years ago, I was working on brand strategy with my clients at Viking Range. The philosophical question on the table was this: Is a giant stainless steel Viking an end unto itself – or a means to an end? »  Read More

How Emotions Evolve in the High-End Home Brand Purchase Process

Smart brands work to maximize joy post-purchase.


Your consumer has finally decided that it’s time to update the kitchen, redecorate the living room, or replace the floors downstairs.  As many marketers of high-end home brands know, the purchase cycle for an expensive home-related product could be six months to a year before she finally buys. »  Read More