The New World of Computer-Generated Imagery

November 7th, 2018 by

How High-End Home Brands Are Benefiting from CGI

It used to be that creating fantasy kitchen photography as part of a marketing campaign for our client Viking Range required a highly complex, six-figure photo shoot, complete with skilled set designers, food stylists, and prop masters – not to mention an A-level photographer and producer. »  Read More

Push the envelope right into the high-end home.

September 18th, 2018 by

One of the things I see time and time again is high-end home brands shying away from cutting-edge marketing. They often follow the trends instead of making them. In a historically traditional industry, I see why some brands keep their marketing conservative, but I want to challenge that mentality. »  Read More

The Quest for Connection with the Elusive and Mysterious Ultra High Net Worth Consumer Continues

July 16th, 2018 by


Over the years, my post about finding and connecting with this group has remained one of the most popular. And a topic I often discuss with clients and colleagues in the high-end home space.

A few years ago, there was a surprising trend brought to light by Wealth-X, a smart global research and prospecting firm that specializes in providing insights and intelligence on UHNW individuals to global private banks and luxury brands.  »  Read More

Seeking the Perfect Convergence of Affluence, Influence and Intent

June 15th, 2018 by

The aim of marketing is to know the consumer so well that the product sells itself. This idea, courtesy of Peter Drucker, is deceivingly simple, yet sometimes hard to execute — especially for high-end brands trying to connect with affluent consumers. »  Read More

Cooking from scratch: Upward Home interviews Eric Deng, Hestan

May 17th, 2018 by

Editor’s Note: We are excited to launch a new series of interviews with some of the leading voices in the high-end home industry. Today we visit with Eric Deng, Co-Founder and President of Hestan Commercial Corporation, who is shaking up the culinary world with the launch of Hestan Commercial, Hestan Outdoor, and Hestan Indoor. »  Read More

Stakeholders Need Numbers to Realize the Value of Marketing

March 27th, 2018 by


Sometimes CMOs have to help other decision-makers understand that marketing entails more than advertising—particularly in the case of high-end brands.

A recent study from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, Stanford University and London Business School examined 506 CEOs of large corporations and found that 25 percent have a marketing background. »  Read More

When it Comes to Content, Think Curated-Not Cluttered

March 13th, 2018 by

Marketers of high-end brands should always prioritize quality over quantity.

We live in a world of constant content, to the tune of 500 million tweets, 4.3 billion Facebook posts and 500 million hours of YouTube uploads each day. Often, we are force-fed the same content by a single corporation across multiple channels. »  Read More

The Down Payment Will Have to Wait

February 27th, 2018 by

How the Millennial experience continues to impact high-end brands

I read an interesting piece recently about Millennials in The New York Times, which demonstrates the highs and lows of this remarkable group of consumers – and the challenges faced by marketers of high-end brands to impact their buying decisions. »  Read More

Building Brand Loyalty One Relationship at a Time

February 13th, 2018 by

Affluent consumers need something nonnegotiable from their high-end brand counterpart, and that is recognition. Customers know how much their purchase is worth, and they seek appreciation for their loyalty. In fact, 72% of affluent consumers seek genuine relationships with high-end brands, according to the YouGov Affluent Perspective 2017 Global Study. »  Read More

Is the Year Ahead a Threat or an Opportunity?

January 15th, 2018 by

Is the Year Ahead a Threat or an Opportunity?

For Marketers of High-End Brands, the Answer Is Yes

Your consumer is evolving in dramatic ways, your job may be in jeopardy, and your team is cranking out irrelevant content. Nobody ever said it would be easy. »  Read More